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    The Art of Googling

    The art of googling or Google Digging
    Google is God in todays world :)
    You have a question and google will answer that. but you need to know how you need to craft your question to get the exact answer.

    Have you ever seen the movie, The Matrix? If you haven't, I strongly recommend that you rent this timeless sci-fi classic. Those who have seen The Matrix will recall that Keanu Reeves's character, a hacker named Neo, awakes to find himself in a vicious battle between humans and computer programs with only a rag-tag crew of misfits to help him win the fight.

    Neo learns the skills he needs for battle from Morpheus, a Zen-like master played by Laurence Fishburne. As the movie unfolds, Neo is wracked with questions about his identity and destiny. In a crucial scene, Morpheus takes Neo to someone who can answer all of his questions: the Oracle, a kindly but mysterious grandmother who leads Neo down the right path by telling him just what he needs to know. And to top off her advice, the Oracle even gives Neo a cookie to help him feel better.

    So what does The Matrix have to do with this book? Well, my friends, in our matrix (that is, the universe that you and I inhabit), the Oracle is none other than Google itself. Think about it. Whenever you have a question, whether big or small, you go to the Oracle (Google) and ask away. "What's a good recipe for delicious pesto?" "Are my dog's dentures a legitimate tax write-off?" "Where can I read a summary of the post-modern philosophical work Simulacra and Simulation?" The Oracle answers them all. And if you configure some search preferences, the Oraclei.e., Googlewill even give your Web browser a cookie.

    But, of course, you'll get far more information from the Oracle if you ask the proper questions.

    Whatever your walk is in life, if you go to Google and ask the right questions using the special techniques , you will be more thoroughly armed with the information that you need to live successfully.

    Everyone who uses the web knows how to use Google to find stuff. Well, at least they think they do. Googling is pretty easy, but its also a bit of an art form. Some people just seem to have the knack of finding things quickly, others take a fair bit of time.

    So what makes a good Google search? How do you arrange your search string in such a way to allow the best hits to come up first? Or at least to help you find the info youre looking for quickly without wading through the besquillion results?

    Learn the art of googling, the art of google doigging with the googling tips and tricks application.

    We will keep posting more dorks..
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