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    App tools include search and facebook integration.

    Features of the App include tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards.

    Tutorials on:

    Living World,
    Biological Classification,
    Plant Kingdom,
    Animal Kingdom,
    Morphology of Flowering plants,
    Anatomy of Flowering Plants,
    Structural Organisation in Animals,
    Cell The Unit of life,
    Biomolecules I,
    Biomolecules II,
    Cell Cycle and Cell Division,
    Mineral Nutrition,
    Plant Growth and Development,
    Respiration in Plants,
    Digestion and Absorption,
    Breathing and Exchange of Gases,
    Body Fluids and Circulation,
    Excretory Products and their Elimination,
    Locomotion and Movement,
    Neural Control and Coordination I,
    Neural Control and Coordination II.

    Quizzes on:

    Excretory System,
    Respiration in Plants,
    Digestive System,

    Flashcards on:

    Anatomy of Flowering Plants,
    Digestion and Absorption,
    Structural Organisation in Animals,

    And also includes a fun way to learn Body System using Explore.

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