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    The greenhouse building industry has shown phenomenal growth over the past decade. The idea of growing food at controlled temperatures all year round and extending the growing season have set fire to a lot of people’s imaginations.

    The greenhouse growing trend, which started humbly in the 70’s, is now a full-fledged endeavor to a growing number of people. Most households make it top priority to build their own greenhouse primarily for the purpose of self-sufficiency and also for sustainable living.

    Greenhouses can save our lives. It can provide our homes with an alternative heating system. Most importantly, it can supply us with a constant supply of healthy food in our own backyard to tide us over during times when natural calamities and life-threatening emergencies strike.

    Greenhouses can be a sustainable business venture. It extends the growing season and we can grow a variety of plants and flowers and sell fresh produce in the communities we live in.

    Greenhouses are an extension of our personalities. It not only serves as plant protectors, cultivators and all-season enclaves for growing plant forms, but also a refuge for our weary soul bored by the outside world.

    You can build your own greenhouse following many greenhouse models to choose from. Depending on your budget and taste, you can build a simple structure or an elaborate sun-room construction. You can grow just about any type of plant life your heart desires as long as you can devote the time to nurture them all.

    Whatever type you create, whatever you grow in it, and whether you make it a hobby or a business, one thing is guaranteed, your greenhouse will truly be a welcome escape.