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    This is the non-ads version of the app Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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    This refers to the English translated version of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji

    Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a voluminous text of 1430 Angs, compiled and composed during the period of Sikh gurus, from 1469 to 1708.

    It is a collection of hymns (Shabad) or Baani describing the qualities of God and why one should meditate on God's name.

    Get the Words and Wisdom of Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Book of Sikhism with this app.

    With this app, you can
    ★ Daily Verse:
    When you open the app, you will see Verse of Day, and Book of the Day. Start your day with a Daily Verse or Browse the Book of Day.
    ★ Study:
    Study the Guru Granth Sahib with our easy to use interface. Browse by books, chapters, verse. Highlight your favorite verses and easily access them in future.
    ★ Bookmarks:
    Use the favorites feature to save or bookmark your study and quickly access where you left off. Get access to these verses whenever you need them!
    ★ Offline:
    Works offline, Read even without internet access.
    ★ Widget:
    Get inspired daily with a Daily Verse of Day widget.
    ★ Audio Bible:
    Press the audio button, and hear the words and wisdom while you drive or whenever its inconvenient to read!

    Other Features
    ★ User Friendly Interface:
    ★ Easy & fast search any keyword, book names, or verses
    ★ Read Easier:
    Change the font settings directly when reading the Bible.
    ★ Share:
    Inspired by the verses? Share them! Share your Guru Granth Sahib verses with friends using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, SMS and many other sharing apps.

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    Download this app today and enjoy the words and wisdom of the Gurus of Sikhism in your pocket!