Heart of a Dog. M. Bulgakov.

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    The plot, Moscow, 1924. Professor Philip Philipovich Transfiguration, an eminent surgeon, has achieved excellent results in practical rejuvenation. Continuing research, he conceived an unprecedented experiment - an operation to transplant a human dog pituitary and testicular appendages, and the spermatic cord. Selected as the experimental animal stray dog ​​ball, picked them on the street, has access to a spacious apartment professors and excellent food. Become an organ donor who died in a fight Klim Chugunkin - a thief, an alcoholic and rowdy. The results of operations exceeded expectations. Sharik has stretched limbs, fallen hair, came about. In Moscow rumors of miracles, things happening in the house of a professor. However, the Transfiguration very soon made to regret. Since Sharik was not only physical but also psychological humanizing - he inherited from Chugunkin all addictions. Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov, as he called himself, discovered a passion for using foul language, vodka, thievery, female, tavern meal, vanity, and the reasoning of the proletarian idea. For the sake of improving their social status on the recommendation of the chairman Sharikov Shvonder House Committee, hoping to survive with the help of Professor Transfiguration of the apartment, gets a leadership position in the Department of cleaning the city of homeless animals. The new work pleases pride Sharikova, followed by daily visits a company car, the maid began to treat him with some respect, he does not feel obligated to Transfiguration and Bormental who are still trying to instill in him the norms of cultural life. He takes pleasure in the destruction of homeless cats, though, according to the Transfiguration, "cats - this is temporary." Beads leads to the apartment of Professor Transfiguration taken them to work the young girl he cheated, embellished his biography and social status. Having learned from the professor the truth, she leaves Sharikova - he threatened to fire her. For a girl defends Dr. Bormental. Balls decides to write a political denunciation of the inhabitants of the apartments, which are not sympathetic to the new government and its representatives in their own home. However, the paper goes to one of the Transfiguration of the former patients, who returns it to the professor. Transfiguration requires Sharikova get out of his apartment, he refuses and pulls a gun. Bormental disarms Sharikova, together with Professor they conduct a new operation - Ball turns back into a dog. The dog does not remember anything of what happened to him, and lives happily in an apartment professor.

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