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    This mobile application is developed by the Legislative Council Secretariat. It provides a convenient way to access information on the Legislative Council in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English using mobile devices.

    Features include:
    Business of the Week
    What’s New
    Photo Gallery
    Members' Contact Directory
    Press Release
    Rules and Practices
    Social Media Sharing
    Push Notification

    This application is made available for use free of charge, but users should be mindful that their mobile network service provider may charge them a fee for use of its data network. Users outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region using roaming services should bear in mind that they may need to shoulder additional service charges for using this application which may be substantial.

    Independent legal advice should be obtained if the user of this mobile application has any doubt as to whether materials found on this application involving third party copyright may be used.

    Upon subscription, notification messages on press release and announcement will be sent through Google cloud service and Apple cloud service, namely Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) respectively. You are not guaranteed the successful or timely reception of notification through their services.

    Notice to Users:

    Conditions of Use:

    Privacy Policy Statement:

    Version for Android mobile devices
    This application requires Android 4.1 or above.
    Should you wish to install this application, please visit the following Google Play web page:

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