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    Hold'em Poker SNG Guide

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    - Teaches you how to make money at low-level Sit and Go (SNG) No-Limit Texas Hold'em poker tournaments.
    - Includes eBook SNG strategy guide.
    - Includes training / quiz tool for Outs.
    - Includes training / quiz tool for Pot Odds.
    - Covers both beginner and advanced topics.
    - Great way to improve your tournament play and increase your potential profits.
    - Language: English
    - Package size (v1.0): ~0.5MB

    This app is an interactive eBook covering single table tournament Texas Hold'em strategy. It is a description of how I play my style of profitable poker. The eBook is a top-to-bottom study guide on the many aspects of Sit and Go (SNG) poker. The interactive training tools help to train your mind to make quick and correct decisions at the real poker table.

    Specifically, this poker strategy guide covers the following topics:
    - Basic poker building blocks (aggression, position, stack zone, outs, pot odds, drawing hands).
    - Fundamental strategy (tight/aggressive early, loose/aggressive late).
    - Early game (pre and post-flop starting hands, bet sizing, draws).
    - Middle game (pre and post-flop starting hands, bet sizing, draws, the bubble).
    - Late game (pre and post-flop starting hands, bet sizing, draws, push/fold mode).
    - Intermediate strategy (implied odds, continuation bet, multi-tabling, software tools).
    - Advanced strategy (Independent Chip Model [ICM]).

    By learning and practicing the concepts in this app, you will increase your equity edge over your opponents. This is a wonderful book/trainer for students of tournament poker.

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