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    The Holy Quran with Russian Translation is the first ever android application dedicated and localized for Russian speaking Muslims who are looking for authentic and standard Quran contents.
    The Quran is a Message from Allah for the whole humanity. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Introducing a highly optimized and searchable Holy Quran application for Android devices. Holy Quran with Russian Translation will enable you to read entire Holy Quran as well as translations in three languages e.g. Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani. It is fully featured with advanced searching, navigation, recitation, and Translation. It’s Fully Customizable, very generic, allowing customization in many ways. Get one touch access to Holy Quran Recitations and share some of the great wisdom with friends and family. Taking advantage of the favorite’s option really allows you to personalize your Bilingual Quran. Use it to create a play list of audio recitations. And the best thing is, once you've already added to your favorites. No longer need a network connection to access your Favorites' contents. This Bilingual Quran app is meant to cater for the growing appetite and interest in Islam and Quran by the people residing in the Russia and the states of the former USSR who are rediscovering themselves after the fall of the iron curtain as well as for the Turkish speaking populace.


    - You can read Quran in Arabic and Russian text.
    - You can listen Quran in the voice of following recitors;
    - and listen Quran in the voice of different recitors.
    - There are no limits in creating bookmarks.
    - There are two types of bookmarks, one is dynamic that will indicate the page you read last, and the other is a static one that the reader will assign for frequently read verses or Surah’s.
    - Easy-to-use interface.
    - Audio recitation (with verse highlighting) by more than 8 acclaimed different Recitors.
    - Provides verse by verse audio playback
    - Excellent navigational controls
    - Bilingual Translation in Russian , Turkish and Azerbaijani Language

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