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    A bonsai is a small tree or shrub grown in a shallow pot. Do you know that many kinds of trees, plants and shrubs can be made into a bonsai?

    If you want to learn how to bonsai, this app is for you. You'll learn techniques on pruning and growing and other gardening tips that are part of the art of bonsai.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Bonsai is a 2000-year old art form of creating miniature-sized trees. Many believe that this gardening style originated in Japan when actually it began in China during the Han dynasty. It was the Chinese who taught the Japanese the techniques of how to garden in a shallow tray but it was the Japanese who gave the name “bonsai” to the style.

    There are many kinds of bonsai trees and many types of bonsai styles. Each tree and style will have different care instructions to maintain the look. There is a lot to learn in the beginning, you will have to learn step by step.

    This gardening guide is a comprehensive reference for beginners. Some of the essentials you will learn are:

    • Bonsai styles
    • Trees best suited for bonsai
    • Planting the bonsai
    • Pruning and trimming
    • Wiring
    • Watering and fertilizing
    • Repotting the bonsai
    • Seasonal care

    Bonsai gardening cannot be a hobby. It requires commitment and dedication as bonsai trees need earnest care and urgent watering. You might have heard of bonsai growers who hire “bonsai sitters” to care for their bonsai trees when they go away for vacation, that’s how closely bonsai trees need care and attention.

    Bonsai gardening will teach you patience and devotion. In turn for your care, the tree will add an element of drama to your garden as well as give your home a sense of peace and tranquility.

    Grab this app now and get all the gardening tips you need to know for growing, trimming, sculpting and pruning a bonsai tree that will bring years of beauty and enjoyment to your garden.

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