How to Con your Kid

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    It’s the sneakiest, most useful parenting guide you’ll ever read

    Based on the acclaimed parenting guide from Quirk Books, How to Con Your Kid is the app your children don’t want you to own! It’s the sneakiest, most useful parenting guide you’ll ever read. Filled with hundreds of tips, techniques, and simple scams for getting your child to behave exactly how you want, anywhere, anytime—at mealtime, bedtime, bathtime, and beyond.

    How to Con Your Kid serves up easy, creative suggestions for tackling some of the toughest parenting tasks, like convincing your child to:
    • go to sleep
    • take a bath
    • stop throwing a tantrum
    • visit the doctor
    • talk quietly
    • share with others
    • behave in public
    • sit still
    • clean up
    • turn off the TV
    • take an airplane trip
    • leave their clothes on (We’ve all been there!)
    • And many more insider tricks of the trade!

    You’ll learn classic techniques to make your child feel like they’re in control, when in reality you’re pulling the strings. You’ll turn dreaded activities into fun and games. You’ll master the art of misdirection and gain time-honored skills for bending your kid to your will. And with the CONtribute feature, you’ll find helpful tips and insights from other parents—and can even share your own parental wisdom!

    This is the app that gives you the know-how and the street smarts to beat your children at the only game they’re better at than you are—being children.

    Face it, it’s us or them. With How to Con Your Kid, you’ll make sure that it’s us—and that they don’t ever realize it!