How To Recruit Dealers

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    How To Recruit Dealers

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    “The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.”

    Mail order is a term which describes the buying of goods or services by mail delivery. The buyer places an order for the desired products with the merchant through some remote method such as through a telephone call or web site. Then, the products are delivered to the customer. The products are typically delivered directly to an address supplied by the customer, such as a home address, but occasionally the orders are delivered to a nearby retail location for the customer to pick up. Some merchants also allow the goods to be shipped directly to a third party consumer, which is an effective way to send a gift to an out-of-town recipient.

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    ** What are the roles of distributors ?

    ** What are the roles of Dealers ?

    ** What are wholesale suppliers /

    ** What is product distribution ?

    ** Who are wholesale supplier ?

    ** wholesale general merchandise

    ** What are wholesale products ?

    ** How to find distributors ?

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