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    How to use: Android tablets for Android 4.1 and 4.2 shows you every app, every function and every setting for your Jelly Bean based 7 & 10 inch tablet.

    **If you have a Nexus 7 2012, 1st generation, you can look for the customised edition of this app for Nexus 7 by searching for 'How to use Google Nexus 7'.


    Don't wait, get the most out of your new Android tablet with this app!

    Developed to run on Google Nexus 7 and other 7 & 10 inch tablets running 4.1.x and 4.2.x (Jelly Bean releases) only.

    --- Features ---

    - Yes, we said EVERY App, EVERY Function and EVERY Setting.

    Each topic has been expertly written by our experienced trainer whom knows their stuff. Topic content is designed to take you through the topic completely yet keeping it succinct.

    Text based walk-through style training content in English for over 40 topics covering every app and setting.

    - Keep up with the changes!

    We keep topics up to date as Jelly Bean evolve (4.2.x upgrade). New topics and revisions are made and pushed out to all installs without the need to re-install.

    - Read comfortably and learn easily!

    App layout is fixed to landscape to improve readability of content.

    Double tap in the main reading pane or swipe the topic list out of the way to increase reading area.

    - More of an aural learner?

    This premium version will give you access to audio playback walk-through FOR ALL TOPICS

    Each topic is read by professional voice over actors and produced to provide clear listening instructions.

    * Internet connection required for audio streaming*

    - Or do you learn best by being hands on?

    Get touchy feely with the audio playback mode, notification controls which allows you to minimise the app while keeping training audio playing / pause / stop so you can listen, follow and practise on your device!

    --- Topics ---

    Introduction & Basics
    - Official guide to Android 4.1.x & 4.2.x
    - Introduction
    - Gestures and Entering text
    - Home screen and Drawer
    - Notifications 4.1.x , 4.2.x

    Internet Browsing and Emails
    - Chrome App
    - Gmail App
    - Email App
    - Downloads App

    Play Store, Apps and Entertainment
    - Gallery
    - Youtube
    - Play Store App
    - Play Apps
    - Play Books App
    - Play Movies & TV App
    - Play Music App
    - Play Magazine App 4.2.x

    News and Social Apps
    - Currents App
    - People App
    - Talk App
    - Google+ App

    Finding Things, Local and Abroad
    - Google Search Bar, Voice Actions & Google Now Apps
    - Maps, Latitude and Local Apps
    - Navigation and Street View
    - Earth App

    Other useful Apps
    - Calendar App
    - Clock App 4.1.x, 4.2.x
    - Calculator App

    Changing Settings
    - Wifi & Bluetooth
    - Data usage and More
    - Sound, Vibrate and Display
    - Storage, Battery and Apps
    - Location services and Security
    - Encryption and More
    - Language and Input
    - Back up and Reset, Accounts and System settings
    - User 4.2.x
    - Accessibility
    - Developer options and About

    Tips and Tricks
    - Software Tips
    - Hardware Tips

    --- Permissions ---

    - Full network access to obtain latest contents/stream audio files
    - Google Play billing service for optional purchase of in-app product

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