Hypnosis Guide For Beginners

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    Hypnosis Guide For Beginners

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    Hypnotize yourself and others to recovery, to prosperity, and to a much better life!

    "Understand Hypnosis - What's True and What's Not; How to Do It and Do It Right; How to Use It to Have Super Confidence, Break from Bad Habits, Lose Weight, and Excel in Life!"

    Have you ever wanted something so bad that you willed it to happen?

    The promotion that you have always thought and fantasized about that you have gotten your thank you speech memorized - just in case? How about that new gadget that you have turned around in your mind that you can almost feel it in your hand? Or how about that person of your dreams whom you think about 24/7, with corresponding imaginary encounters?

    If any of your desires did came true, there's a big probability it did not happen by chance. It's not a miracle either. And it's not a one-time deal - it may happen again.

    By the sheer will power of your mind and your subconscious, you made it happen!
    The mind is the main control center of your whole body. Whatever it sets out unto itself will affect your whole system - inside and out. If you only know how to operate it and steer it to your command, the possibilities are endless!

    Experts - from mystics to scientists -agree that this main control center can be controlled and harnessed through meditation, visual suggestion and mind exercises done through HYPNOSIS.

    Hundreds of testimonials swear that hypnosis opens up endless possibilities for their own benefits as well as for others.

    What you will find inside:
    + The truth about hypnosis. Shake away those preconceived notions about hypnosis as evil, mystical, or occult.
    + Scientific discussion on hypnosis and mind control.
    + How hypnosis affected one of the most infamous men in history, Adolf Hitler.
    + Two ways by which hypnosis is performed.
    + How people get hypnotized on a daily basis.
    + The people most highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.
    + How the improper use of hypnosis can take someone's life.
    + Hypnosis used as a mechanism for military intelligence.
    + Common techniques to effectively hypnotize subjects.
    + Signs to determine if the subject is already ready and open to hypnotic suggestions.
    + Can hypnosis bring you back to the past?
    + Hypnosis used as a tool for surgery.
    + The best way to treat a physical condition more efficiently.
    + Hypnosis used to resolve crime investigations.
    + Fantastic tips from stage hypnotists to put on a great show.
    + How to tap into your subconscious.
    + How to be a self-hypnosis practitioner.
    + Elements needed for an effective hypnosis session.
    + How to use hypnosis to captivate your lover.
    + How to use hypnosis to quit smoking and other bad habits.
    + How to use hypnosis to lose weight.
    + How to use hypnosis to make someone a real winner.
    + How to use hypnosis to create financial abundance.
    + Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic induction techniques for free, including deepening, induction, testing, and trance!
    + Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to solve health problems for free, including asthma, depression, stress, constipation, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, weight gain, smoke addiction, and many others!

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