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    The Basics of Iguana Care!

    There are a lot of people who seem to adore the iguanas and they end up buying the baby iguanas out of a spur of the moment decision. But then when these baby iguanas grow larger than what they have expected at first, they cram as to whom to give them to. If the iguanas are given the utmost care, they are likely to grow really large. It is vital to know that the iguanas can grow to some really large measurement, in fact, even larger than their containers. If you do intend to keep an iguana under your care, it is relatively essential to know the basics of iguana care.

    The Selection of Iguana

    If you intend to pick an iguana to be your pet, it is important to get the iguana that looks active and alert. But make sure that your choice will also get calmed especially when you try sticking your hand into its tank. The iguana of your choice must possess bright and clear eyes, must be free from any sort of abrasion, sores, scratches, and any from of marks, and should possess good health. Ensure also that the iguana that you are to buy is not in any way covered with feces that signify its dirty environment. A disgusting environment means the presence of bacteria and the possible outbreak of a disease that can harm the health of the iguana.

    The Housing of the Iguana

    For starters, the iguana can be kept in a tank that measures about 30 to 50 gallons. During its entire growth, it will be necessary to have a custom built cage for your pet. It is important that the cage should be higher since iguanas love to jump around. The cage bottom cover is also another important consideration to dwell on. The cover can be an orchid bark, indoor or outdoor carpeting, an artificial turf, a newspaper, or an alfalfa pellets. Remember that wood chips or barks are unadvisable, as they tend to attract insects and termites. Meanwhile, those cedar chips can be toxic too.

    It is better that you set up some branches to allow the climbing sprees of the iguanas. Take note that they are tree-dwelling lizards. The branches must be able to hold on the size of your pet iguana. Hot rocks are likewise not recommended as a substitute for the lighting of the tank.

    The Heating Technique

    Iguanas should be maintained warm so that proper digestion of their food will be allowed. This technique will also save them from diseases. A good type of thermometer must be placed inside the tank so as to monitor the temperature of the house. There should be a basking spot that has a temperature of between 95-100 degrees F. One of the best heat sources that you can opt for is a spotlight. Other options include the under tank heaters, heat tape, or ceramic lights.

    The Feeding Scheme

    It is important to be very careful with the food that you feed your iguanas. The green iguanas are plant-eaters. Any kind of animal protein should not be feed to them. They may like the pizza and junk food treats but these food will do them no good and will henceforth subject them to kidney failures. Vegetables must be given to them in minimal quantities. Spinach is a NO NO to them.

    The diet required for iguanas are the food that contain high content of calcium, vitamin D3, and low in phosphorous. The commercial iguana food can also be made part of their diet.

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