JLPT jukuNx N1-N5 Vocab Kanji




    jukuNx will allow you to effortlessly study for all levels of the Japanese JLPT exams.

    Be sure to keep up to date at;

    Contained are all the vocab entries required for all levels. For each entry displayed is the kanji / vocabulary, its reading and one or more meanings.

    Entries can be marked so that you can concentrate on the vocab that you have yet to learn.
    See more below about this.

    Japanese language tests are now conducted twice a year in most countries and so any time is a good time to start studying for the JLPT exams.

    All Japanese Exam vocab for each of the JLPT levels is included along with the Kanji, the Kanji readings and the Japanese word meanings as well.

    The Kanji lists, as the children in Japan learn them, are now available for levels 1-6.

    Will be getting onto levels 7-9 soon.


    For each level the vocabulary can be viewed in two modes.

    * List Mode will show all entries for the selected level.
    Upon selecting a row the entry will be expanded to display the reading and meanings

    * Entry Mode will show all entries for the selected level starting with entries that are marked as being UnRead.
    Upon selecting a row the entry will be displayed in another screen.
    From here you will be able to navigate through the entries in order along with being able to tag the entries with a study status.

    Entries can be marked as UnRead, Read, Review and Learnt.


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