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    1. What is JP Languages for?
    JP Languages provides links to thousands of online Christian resources in nearly every language in the world. This app also displays which languages are spoken in which countries.

    2. How is JP languages different from other apps?
    JP Languages is unique in its numbers of languages and resources. Nearly every language in the world is included and there are over 11,000 resources listed! This is the largest listing of language resources of any iPhone / iPad application.

    3. What are these 'resources'?
    These resources are tools to help present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help believers grow in their faith. JP Languages includes links to the Jesus Film in over 1,100 languages, Gospel messages in over 5,600 languages and dialects, audio New Testaments in over 500 languages and much more all organized by language.

    4. Who is providing this data? Is it accurate?
    Joshua Project has gathered this language data from many ministry resources providers include the Jesus Film, Global Recordings, Faith Comes by Hearing and many others. Every effort is made to keep the resource links up-to-date, but on occasion broken links may be encountered. Please contact us at if you find inaccurate or new information.

    5. Who might use JP Languages?
    These ministry resources can be used by many workers, missionaries and outreach programs to cross language barriers and present the Gospel and Bible material in the appropriate language. Wherever you go in the world, find the specific language spoken in that area and then locate the ministry resources available in that language.

    6. Are these resources online or offline? Can I download it?
    Its database includes online links to over 11,000 resources. Because there is such a large amount of content, the resources are not stored on a mobile device. Rather, a set of links for each language is provided that allows you to quickly get streaming audio or video from the various resource providers.
    **Please note: if you are NOT using a free Wi-Fi connection, then streaming data charges will be occurring!

    7. Will JP Languages work on the iPad?
    Yes, JP Languages is designed to work on an iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch.

    8. How can I find the language I want?
    To find a specific language, there is a search box as well as a country and language index along the right side of the related listings. Please be patient particularly when scrolling the language index as it is a very long list containing most every language in the world.

    9. What are the future plans for JP Languages?
    New resources are continually being created in the languages of the unreached peoples of the world. JP Languages will be kept up-to-date and will help you find those resources. If no resources exist in a language, ask the Lord if you could possibly help start a Bible translation or produce the Jesus Film in that language.
    We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please contact us at

    For more detailed language and people group information visit

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