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    Handwritten Japanese kanji recognition and writing quiz. Integrates with WWWJDIC.

    New: Training mode for quiz. Use stroke guidelines and stroke order hints to practice writing kanji correctly. Does not advance to next character until you get it right.

    Kanji writing quiz. Test yourself based on school year or JLPT level. Check your answers against the proper stroke order using animated diagrams.

    Premium features: history/favorites, export/import, search by reading/meaning, Simeji/OpenWnn/ATOK integration, local stroke order database. You can upgrade form within the application (Settings->Upgrade to premium), no need to download a new application.

    Premium upgrade price: around $4.99 (varies slightly by location/exchange rate. Press the 'Upgrade' button to display the Play Store dialog with the exact local price).

    Just draw a character, tap 'Recognize' and select a candidate to display reading, meaning, radical and more. Copy or share characters to clipboard or other apps. History/favorites and search by reading or meaning also available (premium only). Call from within Simeji, OpenWnn/Flick/ATOK/OpenWnn Plus to input characters using handwriting (premium only, Simeji/OpenWnn/Atok Japanese IME install required).

    Test your kanji writing skills by school year or JLPT level: write kanji based on reading and/or meaning hints. Check your score, and compare your writing with the proper stroke order using animated stroke order diagrams. Free version offers JLPT N5 and elementary school grade 1 and 2 kanji. Premium versions lets you select all grades/JLPT levels.

    Follow proper, or at least basic (left to right, top to bottom, horizontal before vertical, etc.), stroke order for best results.


    * if recognition is slow on your device, try using the compressed model. Open Settings (press the Menu key, or the overflow menu on ICS to display), press 'Recognition model' and select 'JP. comb. compressed'. This should improve startup time and recognition speed.
    * you can also increase the search timeout to make sure recognition starts after you finish drawing. Tap 'Auto-search after' in Settings and increase the timeout (default is 400 ms)
    * if it is still slow, uncheck the 'Search on stroke' option in Settings. Candidates won't be displayed automatically, but on a separate screen.
    * draw larger characters for better recognition

    * Tablet support
    * Animated stroke order diagrams (online for free version, offline for premium)
    * Kanji writing quiz. Bell/buzzer sounds marks answer
    * Training mode
    * Automatically searches on each stroke for immediate feedback
    * Configurable drawing pen size and color
    * Shake to delete stroke/all strokes
    * Favorites and history (premium)
    * Favorites Excel (CSV) and Anki export (premium)
    * Simeji, OpenWnn/Flick, ATOK, OpenWnn Plus integration (mushroom) (premium)
    * Search by reading and meaning (premium)
    * Compressed model for older/slower devices
    * Works offline (Internet connections only required for initial download).
    * Stroke annotation
    * Undo (removes last stroke)
    * Integrated kanji database with more than 13,000 entries
    * Kanji decomposition into components
    * Integration with WWWJDIC for Android (can be used as the handwriting recognition backend)
    * Copy/append recognized kanji to clipboard or share to other programs.

    Not a handwriting input method (IME).

    Ad-supported (ads are removed if you upgrade to premium)

    Version 2.0 requires Android 2.1 and later. Earlier Android versions can use version 1.7.2.

    Email for bug reports and feature requests:

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    Release announcements and detailed explanation of new features:

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    Users comments for Kanji Recognizer

    Gillian Parker

    by Gillian Parker

    Dec 26, 2017  |  "Poor"

    The Kanji recognition is horrible. I've repeatedly done Kanji (in the correct stroke order) and the app continues to say its wrong. I even second guessed myself and looked some up only to find I'd done them correctly. The quiz especially is useless.

    Helloz World

    by Helloz World

    Nov 24, 2017  |  "OK"

    Mediocre app with bad recognition ㅋㅋ笑えた

    Ryan Chan

    by Ryan Chan

    Nov 15, 2017  |  "Great"

    The widget doesn't work anymore, shows Loading... or Error. Otherwise great app, thanks.

    Aspire wot

    by Aspire wot

    Nov 05, 2017  |  "Poor"


    Heran Bago

    by Heran Bago

    Oct 23, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Kanji recognition is terrible even with perfect stroke order. If you can't afford a real electronic kanji dictionary, consider the Nintendo DS one. This costs nothing and is worth only slightly more. The developer of this app is one really nice guy and this is a lovely passion project. There is just much better stuff out there.

    Mark Lusty

    by Mark Lusty

    Oct 14, 2017  |  "Poor"

    what an absolute waste of time