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    Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity. You can kayak just for leisurely pastime or you can get into it as a serious athletic sport.

    Whatever you make out of your love for kayaking, this app is a great guide for beginners. You'll get all the basic info about learning kayaking.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Kayaking is a dangerous water sport that requires accuracy while maneuvering in the waters. That is why it is imperative that kayakers master a variety of strokes before venturing off on whitewater, wild water, or competition sports.

    All kayakers learn basic and advance strokes before attempting to kayak because each detail learned could save your life. The Eskimo roll, for instance, is a rescue technique that can help you recover from nearly any capsized situation. Pairs, or groups, need to practice and synchronize the Eskimo Roll together seamlessly so that each kayaker goes out on the trip assured of his/her safety.

    Extremely important tips to consider before taking a kayaking trip include some of the following:

    1.Always carry CGAPSD (Coast Guard Approved Safety Device) aboard ship.

    2.Always wear a lifejacket when kayaking, since proper buoyancy and lifejackets combined could give you extra support when capsizing.

    3.Never leave on a kayaking trip with fear. Leave your fears behind and pick them up later.

    4.Do not play guessing games in water. Learn, practice, and practice some more before you attempt a full kayaking trip.

    Kayaking is an intelligent sport. And, any wise sportsman plays his game well prepared. This app is a starter guide for new kayakers that will introduce you to basic techniques and essential tips. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to kayak and practice your techniques so you can get ready for the ultimate kayaking adventure of your life!

    Get this app now and prepare for the ultimate kayaking adventure of your life!

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