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    GREAT KNITTING APP SUITABLE BOTH FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED KNITTERS. How to start knitting, following knitting instructions, secrets about knitting yarns, advanced knitting techniques and ideas, plus much more.....
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    • 20 different knitting tutorials
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    Knitting is a great practical skill to have to make clothing or household items. It is also a very relaxing pastime. Knitting your own pieces can be very rewarding. It's fun to see your efforts come to fruition with a completed piece.

    If you are interested in starting to knit, you first need to get some basic supplies and then need to learn to create basic stitches. You will need two knitting needles and some yarn in a color of your choosing. Knitting needles should be of medium size to start as it may be awkward to learn using small or oversized needles. Size 8 needles are good size to start with. Use a basic knitting yarn for your first project. Although itís likely you will be tempted by all the very pretty and fancy yarns available, you need to start with a basic yarn so you can easily see your stitches. It will make learning much easier.

    You will also need a pattern to create whatever youíd like. It is advisable to start off with an easy project to learn the basics before moving on to something more complicated like knitting a sweater. My first knitting project was a dishcloth. To learn, you may want to read on the Internet or get some books with illustrations. Many community centers also offer classes for an inexpensive way to get introduced to knitting. I took a class at my local crafts store. The class was reasonable and I received a discount on supplies.

    To start, make sure you have ample lighting. Stitching can be small so you do not want to strain your eyes. Remember that this is a relaxing art form. Hold the needles in a manner which is most comfortable to you. This may be awkward at first but youíll soon get the hang of it. You will then need to learn to cast on, which is the stitch to start knitting. Then, you will learn the knit stitch and purl stitch, the two basic stitches in knitting. Finally you will learn to bind off which is the way to complete your work.

    When working with yarn, try starting from the inside out. This will help keep the yarn from rolling away from you. Stay organized while knitting. Using containers will help organize all your tools. As you accumulate different yarns, keep track of cleaning instructions. A good way to do that is to maintain a journal of the yarns with care instructions. As you complete a project, write it down next to the yarns used so you can easily refer to it. Knitting needles should be organized by size so they are easily accessible for each project. To organize yarns, use empty butter tubs with a hole in the middle. String the end piece through the hole and knit. This will keep the yarn separated and untangled.

    Knitting is a highly relaxing form of art. As you continue to learn, youíll be able to accomplish many different types of work from clothing to blankets. Seeing the completed project that you worked so hard on can be a rewarding accomplishment. Start with easy patterns and increase in skill level as you become more comfortable. The most important part, though, is to have fun.

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