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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Koi! You've always admired those colorful fish in small ponds at outdoor malls, Japanese restaurants and your neighbor's back yard but never knew their proper name. Sure they're Koi but each one of a different color and different pattern has it's own identity.
    Koi Catalog solves this problem for the uninformed as well as the expert Koi spotter. Select from a list of the 16 varieties and the proper name (and pronunciation) is revealed along with a full description of the sub-varieties of the chosen Koi. Additionally, the correct image out of the 71 varieties of fish in the extensive database is illustrated in high-resolution color.
    More than just a scrollable library of colorful pictures, Koi Catalog is educational as well. Each of the classifications is accompanied by a comprehensive description.
    Some unique features found in Koi Catalog:
    - 71 illustrations of 16 different classifications of Koi are included.
    - A complete description along with an aid to pronunciation is just a click away.
    - Does not require an Internet connection - all the data is in the program.

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