LDS Lists #1 (Mormon)

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    The LDS Lists Reference app is a collection of reference materials that any LDS member will enjoy. Includes current stats and info about temples, general authorities, and Church membership, as well as Church history facts and scripture tools. Included are also many other lists and tools that members will find interesting. Spend hours going through all the facts, figures and knowledge that is available.
    LDS Colleges and Universities
    The Parables of Jesus
    Carthage Jail History
    LDS "off-shoots"
    Missions in Africa
    books by LDS Authors
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    The Current First Presidency
    Quorum of the 12 Today
    Quorum of the 12 in 1835
    2013 Youth Topics by Month
    Old Testament Mastery Scriptures
    New Testament Mastery Scriptures Book of Mormon Mastery Scriptures Doctrine and Covenants Scriptures Books of the Book of Mormon
    Books in the Pearl of Great Price
    Books in the Old Testament
    Books in the New Testament
    The Articles of Faith List of Temples
    10 U.S. States with the Most Members
    10 U.S. States with the Least Members
    Church Membership by Decade
    BYU Quarterbacks
    Church History
    Children of Joseph Smith
    The Harlem, NY 1st Ward
    Church History Timelines
    Church Organization
    The Church in the Caribbean
    The Battle of Crooked River
    and many many more.....

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