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    Learn java pdf 50 chapters and 87 videos, be happy after that you will be a developer and also start you own company just after you are done with app
    This app teaches you all about the Java language and how to use it to create
    applets and applications. By the time you get through with this app, you’ll know
    enough about Java to do just about anything, inside an applet or out.

    This app is intended for people with at least some basic programming background,
    which includes people with years of programming experience or people
    with only a small amount of experience. If you understand what variables, loops,
    and functions are, you’ll be just fine for this book. The sorts of people who might
    want to read this book include you, if
    in You’re a real whiz at HTML, understand CGI programming (in perl,
    AppleScript, Visual Basic, or some other popular CGI language) pretty
    well, and want to move on to the next level in Web page design.
    n You had some Basic or Pascal in school and you have a basic grasp of
    what programming is, but you’ve heard Java is easy to learn, really
    powerful, and very cool.
    n You’ve programmed C and C++ for many years, you’ve heard this Java
    thing is becoming really popular and you’re wondering what all the fuss
    is all about.
    n You’ve heard that Java is really good for Web-based applets, and you’re
    curious about how good it is for creating more general applications.
    What if you know programming, but you don’t know object-oriented programming?
    Fear not. This book assumes no background in object-oriented design. If
    you know object-oriented programming, in fact, the first couple of days will be
    easy for you.
    How This Book Is Structured
    This book is intended to be read and absorbed over the course of three weeks.
    During each week, you’ll read seven chapters that present con

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