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    This book is a calling to all male pagans Wiccan and non-Wiccan alike, to now join our sisters in reuniting the planet as a family and not strangers. Though I would venture to say that a reference to the Goddess as the "consort" to the God would be met with equal disdain from the True Wiccan Woman and earth-mother alike, it also serves to show them how equally distasteful it is to us to have the God referred to by the same title. Unless of course, you mean consort as "partner," that is.

    Wicca refers to the religion . This can be a reference to both the initiatory tradition, where initiates are assigned a degree and generally work in covens, and to Solitary Wicca, where practitioners self-dedicate themselves to the tradition and generally practice on their own. Both Initiates and Solitary Wiccans worship the Goddess , with most also choosing to worship the God , and both celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats .

    Wicca is a Neopagan religion that can be found in many English-speaking countries. Originally founded by the British civil servant Gerald Gardner , probably in the 1940s, it was first openly revealed in 1954. Since its founding, various related Wiccan traditions have evolved or been created, the original being Gardnerian Wicca , which is the name of the tradition that follows the specific beliefs and practices established by Gerald Gardner.

    Wicca as a spiritual practice holds personal and spiritual evolution as the essential objective. And there is no more precisely designed practice for the evolution of spirituality than meditating.

    Wicca has grown to become a family of Traditions, but they are not in Traditional Witchcraft. They are their own Traditions, both BTW and progressive Wicca.

    Wicca believes that any Goddess or God from any culture can be used in Wiccan rituals. It should be noted that some traditions, such as Dianic Wicca, which is a feminist coven organization, simply eliminated the God all together and recognize only a Goddess.

    Wiccans are not Satan or Devil worshippers, These beings are Judeo-Christian inventions and not part of Wicca. To believe in Satan you must first believe in the monotheistic God and then his fallen angel , therefore Satanists are just another branch of the broad Judeo-Christian faith who choose to follow a dark path.

    Wiccans believe in a dual male/female divinity. The God and Goddess are seen as separate but equal deities, each with unique talents and virtues. Some Wiccan traditions see all of the gods and goddesses of the world as 'faces' of the two true deities. Other Wiccans worship a trine goddess and god, the nature of the deities changing with the seasons.

    Wiccans worship the sacred as immanent in Nature, often personified as Mother Earth and Father Sky. As polytheists, they may use many other names for Deity. Individuals will often choose Goddesses or Gods from any of the world's pantheons whose stories are particularly inspiring and use those Deities as a focus for personal devotions.

    In short, if you are involved in Wicca or Witchcraft in any way, this book is a necessity for your apps bookshelf. This is the book everyone is going to be quoting. This is the book everyone is going to be talking about. When anyone has a question about Wicca or Witchcraft, this is the first place they'll look. Don't be left out! This is a book you will use regularly for years to come. Living Wicca Book One

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