Discover with LTPBooks a new way to read books actively taking part in the story.
    Experience an adventure of intrigue and suspense, taking decisions that can lead you to an unexpected end. Or have fun with a story of absurd humor that will not leave you indifferent.

    Are you a writer? Do you want to be? You think you can make new creations? If you are a creative you can create your own interactive books and generate revenue by selling or promoting your products.

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    - Details:
    LTPBooks contains two books (plus a tutorial) as examples of our platform. More information in

    Ubiplay Engine is a system that allows you to create adventures linking tasks.
    In each task, you can add text with different formats and multimedia content that is displayed to the user on the main screen.
    To move from one screen to another, it is necessary to solve the task by sending the expected information: go to a place, answer a question, solve calculations, random play... or just take a decision to select the path A or B.

    LTPBooks is the basic level of Ubiplay Engine .
    It is oriented to the definition of guided tours, gymkhanas, simple games... In sum, adventures in which:
    - The advance in the adventure depends on the user's actions.
    - It does not depends on the geographic location (vs. LTPRoutes).
    - It does not depends on the actions of other users (vs. LTPGames).

    Books, routes and games are the three platforms of the Ubiplay Engine. Although each one is more complete than the other, they all share the potential of the engine.

    Imagine the possibilities... linking tasks you can create your own adventure:
    - A simple guided tour, with videos and pictures.
    - A complete game full of puzzles and quests.
    - A course with video tutorials, questions and tests.
    - A book in which the story changes depending on the decisions of the reader.
    - ...

    You can create an application that will help boost your business, or directly sell your product and generate revenue.

    - Location : LTPBooks read your position to determine when you have passed the tasks in wich is required to reach a particular place .
    - Network Communication : LTPBooks need to connect to the Ubiplay servers.
    - Accounts: LTPBooks only access information about OUR accounts. It also seeks emails so you have to write less at the time of signing up or login.
    - Storage: application temporarily stores images to prevent unnecessary data transmissions and to save battery .
    - Hardware Controls: it is necessary to use within the application, but LTPBooks actually does not use the camera on your device.
    - System Tools : necessary to prevent the phone from entering sleep mode while using the application.

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