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Lynx BirdTicks SAF

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    Lynx BirdTicks Southern Africa helps you to record bird sightings, maintain and manage sightings lists in an easy and efficient way.

    NOTE: This program does not help with bird identification. It works on the presumption that the bird has already been identified, and then keeps track of the sighting record.

    The main impetus for this program is to make logging your bird sightings (ticks) easy and quick (it only takes 1 long-tap to complete a basic tick), but also to enable you to maintain a detailed record of each sighting. Several features are built into the program to facilitate this (e.g. Quick-tick, Tick Edit while making the tick or later, Smart Search to quickly find the correct bird, multiple ordering methods, etc.). Furthermore it enables you to filter your ticks to easily show you specific ticks for selected criteria. The lists can be exported to a format that is easily opened by programs such as Excel, Access and other database systems.

    The program also includes a full-featured mechanism to conduct SABAP2 (Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2) mapping, as well as a hassle-free, one-click, data submission feature. No more manual data entries for submission. Simply set up the card, make the ticks and submit the data!

    The list of birds is based on Roberts 7 and endeavors to include all possible birds that can be found in this region, and includes possible vagrant and rare species. The list is updated automatically if there are any changes or additions, so it will always be up to date.

    > Comprehensive list of birds that can be found in Southern Africa
    > GPS utilization to capture sighting coordinates (and SABP2 pentad identification)
    > Live update of the bird list to keep it current and correct
    > Multiple list sorting options (including Afrikaans)
    > Smart-search facility (shrinking the list of possible birds as you type)
    > Visual indication of birds in life list, current trip and current location with totals for each
    > Quick-Tick (make a tick with just one long-tap)
    > Expansive, fully editable options for each tick
    > Multiple users
    > Cascading locations (7 levels) unlimited number
    > Unlimited trips
    > Preset regions for the whole Southern Africa
    > Tick-list visible on screen showing important detail of each tick
    > Expansive filter options to show ticks meeting certain criteria
    > Automated and manual data backup
    > Export tick lists to Excel, Access and other database readable format (standard csv files)
    > Export tick lists to eBird – formatted and ready for direct upload
    > SABAP2 full-protocol, ad-hoc protocol and incidentals functionality with hassle-free data collection and submission
    > Import list from Roberts Multimedia

    > Android 2.2 or higher
    > Screen resolution: 240X320
    > GPS is optional, but a lot of the features will not be available without GPS

    > Android 2.3 or higher
    > Screen resolution: 320X480 or higher
    > GPS

    The ideal screen size (for most information and minimum scrolling) is 480X800, but the program will work on any screen size currently available.

    All screens are fixed in the portrait orientation.

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