Ma Bena Bena Dictionary




    The Ma! Bena Bena dictionary-building app is an initiative of the Ma Project. The app provides an easy-to-use tool to engage speakers of Bena Bena, especially younger speakers, in the documentation of their language.

    This app is both a data collection tool and a publishing tool. The Ma! Bena Bena Dictionary allows users to record new entries and upload them to an online database where they can be curated using a web interface (

    Users of the app can:
    - record and transcribe a word or phrase in Bena Bena (audio)
    - record and transcribe a translation into English (audio)
    - record a discussion of the term (audio and video)
    - record a comment on an existing entry (audio and video)
    - take a photo or select an on-board image

    After initial registration, user-added data can be uploaded to the online database. Using a web interface, authorized curators will:
    - accept, reject, or replace, transcribe and publish (i.e., back to the app) uploaded terms and translations
    - accept, reject, or replace, and publish uploaded images
    - create and publish detailed dictionary entries

    The Bena Bena app is the third in a series of dictionary-building apps. The development team are piloting the app with other languages around the world and aim to release a version of the app which can be used for any language.