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    Magical tricks can be very difficult to learn. Timing and technique are important to captivate then mislead and deceive an audience.

    You can become a professional magician with this app. It’s a beginner’s guide where you can get plenty of magic tricks to help you develop special skills of the trade so you can perform magical acts and illusions that will amuse and entertain people.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    You find magic thrilling and amazing. You have an exceptionally special gift in performing flourishes, sleight of hand or optical illusions. In that case, you can be a magician!

    Authentic professional magicians practice and perform magic as a trade and make an actual living doing so. They are truly dedicated to the magic act and show a high degree of professionalism for any performance.

    A professional magician is a seriously skilled performer who entertains his audience with captivating flourishes or sleights of hand that do not in any way contain any moves that are hidden. His tricks are actual pieces of performances and not simply a finger exercise. His flourishes are done to draw the audience’s attention away from where an actual sleight is simultaneously being performed.

    A skilled magician has natural talent but hones his skills through consistent practice. He is devoted towards perfecting the quality of his craft. However, in the very crowded entertainment scene, talent and perfection will not be enough to gain you fame and big bucks. You will need to promote your skills to people who will likely be in need of your craft.

    This app will be your guide to help you attain your dream of becoming a professional magician who is celebrated and well-paid for his craft. You will learn tips and tricks to:

    • Deal with an agent
    • Deal with the business side of magic
    • The media and advertising
    • Liability insurance
    • Find gigs that will promote you
    • Buying or making your props
    • Learn handkerchief tricks
    • Learn box tricks
    • Learn paper tricks
    • Learn rope tricks

    Plus all the starter basics you need to help you hit the big time!

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