Mans’ Best Friend!

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    Mans’ Best Friend!

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    Taking Care of “Mans’ Best Friend!”

    Everything You Need to Know About Dogs
    But Didn’t Know How To Ask!

    Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

    Nothing beats the companionship of a pet of your own. And no other animal deserves that coveted title of “Mans’ Best Friend,” more than dogs.

    Dogs throughout current history have made us laugh. How about Pluto, Goofy and Scooby Doo? And some have made us cry. . .Lassie saves Timmy and how about Rin Tin Tin?

    Many modern day dogs are trained as rescue dogs. After undergoing intensive training these special dogs put their sense of smell to work find people buried under rubble after earthquakes, tornados, fires, avalanches and other disasters.

    Others are trained as drug sniffing dogs and work in our airports and other ports of entry to assist in the war on drugs. And not enough can be said about the tireless companions who help people with disabilities like loss of hearing or blindness.

    Not only do dogs make excellent pets but their loyalty and devotion are unparalleled by any other animal. We have all heard stories of dogs that have performed seemingly impossible heroic acts of bravery to save their owner from harm.

    So, we can’t promise that your pet will be another Lassie or even a Scooby Doo, but whether you already own a dog and are looking for answers to some of your questions or you are someone who is looking at becoming a first time dog owner, you’re sure to find the answers you need in “The Dog Owners Handbook.”

    Whatever your reasons are for owning a dog you will find everything you need to know to get started on the right foot. . .er’. . .paw with your new pet.

    Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

    • Do you know what kind of dog you are looking for?
    • Select the right breed for your family.
    • How to find a reputable breeder.
    • Discover the perfect pet to suit you.
    • Should you go with a purebred or a mutt?
    • What is best, a puppy or an adult?
    • Learn how to housebreak your puppy
    • What is obedience training and how to implement it.
    • Many dogs are overweight. Learn the proper diet for your dog.
    • How to spot allergies in your pet.
    • When to vaccinate your pet and what vaccinations he needs.
    • . . .and much, much more!

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