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Mega Mind Power (L Montgomery)

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    Mega Mind Power: Hypnotize Yourself for Mental Mastery (by Liv Montgomery) is presented by Made for Success. This standalone audiobook app combines a professional audio recording with supplemental features for download-once, grab-and-go anywhere enjoyment.

    Relax yourself to a state of higher mental performance!

    Could you use an extra boost of brain power? Liv Montgomery presents a breakthrough audio program designed to enhance your ability to learn through a simple system for unleashing the mind’s untapped potential.

    This scientifically proven process will help you increase receptiveness to learning new information, recall facts, focus, and understand new concepts. Whether you want to better remember where your car keys are or read faster, this mind performance system will take you on a journey of discovery to tap the latent part of your brain using hypnosis and mind music for relaxed study to help you learn quickly.