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    “Everything You Know About Metaphysics May Be Completely Wrong!”

    Let’s face it – We all know the fact that we are not born with supernatural powers.

    If we are, we'd be making hundreds of thousands of dollars using our supernatural abilities and attract what we want in life.

    But as time goes on, more and more people have been learning more about the magical power of metaphysics.

    Metaphysics is the most basic part of philosophy. That is, people who study philosophy must start from this section. People who study science is usually set off from the real experience, no object, could be seen, be heard. People learn to philosophize is to learn to think about something so big that cannot be seen or heard, but can only be imagined. To think about things like that people can just use logic.

    In Western philosophy there is the traditional logic, modern logic, the logic of much value, and so on. Examples are easy to understand complementary dialectic that is the husband and wife, day and night, good and bad, right and wrong.

    Reality is not a thing; it is a rule or formula to give meaning to things that are beyond human consciousness. The higher the formulation of the reality that human intelligence became increasingly abstract. The reality is transcendent, meaning outside of human experience, but it gives a perspective on the human experience.

    Reality cannot be found outside of knowledge and culture. He said the reality is that man-made formula armed with the language and culture to understand the world and its contents. It was described by the historical reality in the form of war, outrage, sadness, crime, betrayal, and cheating, however, there is also the excitement, the progress of civilization, the birth of the great prophets, and the birth of a great artist

    Here’s What You'll Learn:
    > Metaphysics Basics
    > Metaphysics & Meditation
    > Creating Sacred Spaces
    > Learn Inner Guidance Skills
    > Learn Remote Influencing
    > And more

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