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    "Metro 2033" - one of the top best sellers in recent years. 300 000 purchased books. Translations into dozens of foreign languages. The title of best debut in Europe. "Metro 2034" - the long awaited continuation of this novel. A total of six months the number of readers, "Metro 2034" on the Internet overtook half a million people. Western publishers bought rights to the "Metro 2034" even before the novel was finished.


    The whole world destroyed by nuclear war. Major cities have been razed to the earth, the fine is not known. The remnants of humanity while away the last few days in bunkers and bomb shelters, the largest of which - Moscow Metro.

    All those who are in it, when the capital fell warhead missiles, survived. For the survivors of Judgement Day has become a new underground Noah's ark. The surface of the planet's radiation, contaminated and is inhabited by monsters. From now on, life is only possible under the ground.

    Stations turned into city-states, ruled by a tunnel of darkness and fear. Residents of Sevastopol, a small underground of Sparta, at the cost of enormous efforts to survive on their station and defend it.

    But once Sevastopol is cut off from a large metro, all its inhabitants face a terrible death. To save people need a hero ...

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