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    Military Combat Boobytraps

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    A boobytrap is an explosive charge cunningly contrived to be fired by an unsuspecting person who disturbs an apparently harmless object or performs a presumably safe act. Two types are in use improvised and manufactured. Improvised boobytraps are assembled from specially provided material or constructed from materials generally used for other purposes. Manufactured boobytraps are dirty trick devices made at a factory for issue to troops. They usually imitate some object or article that has souvenir appeal, IED or that may be used by the target to advantage. The ingenious use of local resources and standard items is important in making effective boobytraps. They may produce unexpected results if conceived in sly cunning and built in various forms. Boobytraps cause uncertainty and suspicion in the mind of the enemy. They may surprise him, frustrate his plans, and inspire in his soldiers a fear of the unknown. A. This manual contains procedures, techniques, and expedients for the instruction of the soldier in the assembly, use, detection, and removal of boobytraps in combat. B. Included are descriptions and discussions of the design and functioning characteristics of standard demolition items; firing devices, explosives, missiles, hand grenades, mortar ammunition, artillery ammunition, and bombs. C. This manual also contains information on a variety of items and indigenous materials useful for improvising firing devices, explosives, and pyrotechnic mixtures for guerrilla warfare applications. D. Factory-produced boobytraps (dirty trick devices) are described. Most of these have been developed and used in the field by foreign armies. E. Safety measures pertinent to booby trapping operations are provided for the protection of troops from casualty. This manual contains detailed instruction, diagrams and illustrations to ensure excellent understanding of all aspects of boobytraps and improvised explosive devices.

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