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    Minecraft Technic Reference

    This app is still being worked on. At the moment this app will allow you to scroll through all the items in the Technic Pack Mod. This app does not just link to webpages, all info is stored within the app. Some things load slow but I am speeding up the response time in each update. Anything slow can be emailed to me and I will attempt to fix it.

    I am working on a better layout that is smoother and more user friendly, which should be done before to long. This will also allow me to add more content faster. I plan to keep the look close to the way I have it now but a little more cleaned up.

    **This App will be changing from a technic ref to a mod reference**
    The current items will not change much but the layout may change some.

    -Full item list
    *Sort by ID, Name, EMC, Smelting Value, Research Value
    -Sort by mod
    *Balkon's Weapon Mod
    *BuildCraft Mod
    *Equivalent Exchange Mod
    -Crafts for all item
    *Not Completed
    *Items on the craft image can be clicked to view that item

    This app is based off the content in the single player Technic Pack Mod. Not all information may be correct but if you use the recommended build from the launcher, most information and ID's should be the same.
    **Item ID's may be removed soon to keep from causing confusion in different versions.

    Known issues:
    -Slight delay when loading items/new screens.

    List of features I have planned: (Your suggestions can be emailed to me.)
    -Finish crafts for all items(Mostly done)
    -Add descriptions/notes/tips for all items(This will slowly be completed over time.)
    -Better images
    -Save settings/favorite pages
    -Mobs with descriptions
    -Any other information that I think is needed.

    Any Bugs/Suggestions should be Emailed to:

    Follow @MBprogs on twitter for information on upcoming adjustments and fixes that may not be uploaded yet.

    I am not the creator or affiliated with anyone that makes these mods. I will do my best to provide all the information needed to download and use these mods featured in this app. If I have included your mod and did not provide credit where I should have, let me know.

    Technic Launcher can be downloaded at:

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