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    Who Else Wants to Capture Their Most Important Moments and Preserve Them
    For All Time in Live Action Sound and Color?

    What, You Don’t Think You Can Afford it? Well, You May Be In for a Surprise! It’s Not Nearly As Costly as You May Think!

    Are you old enough to remember the home movies your grandpa used to take? They were “works of art” that conjured up fond memories of family events. Trips to the beach, special holiday get-togethers and birthdays were all marked as a rite of passage.

    They were usually grainy, jerky and most in black and white. Grandpa was the director, producer, editor and major domo of all things audio/visual.

    Embarrassingly horrible they were the archive of your family and nostalgia reigned supreme when grandpa would pull out the old projector.

    Sadly, those reels of film are probably already disintegrating and many memories will be lost forever.

    Don’t let history repeat itself!

    You know exactly what you need to do and the thought may have you shaking in your boots. Start preserving your own family keepsakes to insure they don’t go the way of grandpa’s home movies.

    Now, you may never be a George Lucas or a Steven Spielberg, but you can learn to churn out optimum productions of your very own. Not only can you do it, you can learn to do it with “class!”

    If you have found the idea of creating your own movies intimidating you can overcome any of your perceived shortcomings. All you need is some education and Modern Movie Making at Home is just what you need to get the job done.

    Modern Movie Making at Home is a far cry from the “old home movies.” Take a look at what you can learn inside the digital pages:

    • What is Modern Movie Making - an introduction to digital video

    • How to Prepare Your Computer for Digital Video – learn the steps for working with audio and video

    • Digital Video Tools - what are the tools that you need in order to make digital movies

    • How to Shoot Better Videos - tips and techniques for creating good movies

    • How to Capture Digital Video - a detailed explanation of how to integrate with your computer

    • Capturing Analog Video – what are the differences between the digital video and analog video?

    • How to Import Audio - all about this procedure

    • Here Comes the Fun – learn how to edit your movies step by step

    • How to Use Titles and Transitions – learn how to blend into a new topic

    • Audio Tips – working with voice and music

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