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    Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf. Although the time covered in this complex novel is only one day, Virginia Woolf, through her genius, manages to cover a lifetime unraveling and exposing the mysteries of the human personality.The novel is not separated into chapters; almost all of the action occurs in the thoughts and reminiscences of the characters and the reader must piece together the story from the random bits and pieces of information each character provides. These characters may be living in a different time than us, as is evident to some degree by their strict formality and unique social customs, but beneath the surface, the sensations they feel, like loneliness, jealousy, and passion, show that they are really no different than us. There is a connection that Woolf achieves between her characters that is ultimately and beautifully real. This is a real book with real characters and the world is the one we live in, with the past constantly on our minds and changing our reactions to the present. When you close the book you will realize the author's genius, since many of the happenings and thoughts seem to be similar to what you think; and when you do, you are instantly reminded of the story.

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