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    MultiReader is an eBook Speaker / eReader. Smartphone & Tablets

    - File formats supported : EPUB, text, Word, RTF , Power Point. Limited support for PDF (work fine, but slow)

    - Voices : english, spanish, french, portugese, dutch, italian, german, Finnish... all TTS engines (Pico, SVox, eSpeak, ...) , all languages

    - Direct access to online libraries.

    Who needs MultiReader ?

    - Students for their lessons. To review for an exam. Usefull at any level : middle school, high school, college, university

    - Can be used in assimilating information (eLearning), ie. foreign languages, training techniques.

    - People who have difficulties with fine print (blind people).

    - Simply listen documents from work or news in your car/public transportation.

    Some files may not upload (memory limitation). This occurs ONLY if they contains too many/big images inside.

    User Guide :

    Access rights :
    MultiReader needs to acces internet for some text to speach conversion, online libraries, and statistics.
    Access to write on SDCard for temporary files (pdf), and write downloaded eBooks.

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