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    Here you'll find all valid Danish girl names and boy names.
    The lists are updated in 2012 and contain more than 14,500 girl names and 11,600 boy names.

    You can perform simple searches by entering one or more letters in the search field. You can also search for names containing a certain pattern by using ? for an arbitrary letter and * for 0 or more arbitrary letters.
    Example: ??U?? will find all names containing 5 letters, where the letter in the middle is a U, e.g. LAURA, PAULA and TRUDE.
    Example: M*AS will find all names starting with M and ending on AS, e.g. MATHIAS, MIKAS and MALIAS.

    You can select your favourite names and sort them by popularity.

    The app also contain lists of the most popular names from 1985 to 2011.
    The list of babynames for 2012 will be added, when it is available.

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