The Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) app brings together all the emergency preparedness information Sailors and their family members will need to prepare for and survive an emergency or disaster. It standardizes a method for the Navy to account for, assess, manage, and monitor the recovery process of those affected by a widespread catastrophic event. NFAAS also provides valuable information to all levels of Navy leadership, allowing commanders to make strategic decisions that facilitate a return to stability.

    Get up-to-date information on emergency preparedness, local weather and other local emergency situations with notifications and alerts.

    The NFAAS app allows users to:
    • Report accounting status
    • Update contact/location information
    • Manage your personal contacts
    • Use checklists to help prepare for an emergency
    • Use GPS and get turn-by-turn directions to the closest Navy installation
    • Learn what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster
    • Watch videos showing you how to update your NFAAS information and why

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