Do you ever wish you could reap all the benefits of reading a book without actually reading it?

    Well now you can! Instantly after you download the App you will get access to a detailed summary video that will give you the best personal growth tips, Law of Attraction techniques and empowering insights from the book. Whilst Never In Your Wildest Dreams is about the journey of a fictional character, Katherine Murray, as Loral Langemeier from The Secret said, "Tips on how to be smarter, thinner or richer surround us every day.

    Natalie has gone beyond just telling you what to do. She’s showing you how it all comes to reality. In narrating Katherine Murray’s journey, she illustrates the true power of the human mind in creating the life of her dreams."

    Even more, this interactive experience will give you a behind the scenes, 'inside the chapters' look at all twelve chapters as well as free bonus gifts. These short, powerful videos will give you valuable insights into where the inspiration behind each chapter was drawn from and what key life lesson you should take away.

    You will also get Daily Inspiration Quotes to keep you motivated and inspired, and if you already own the book, we have also inbuilt a QR Code Reader so you can directly scan the codes found at the end of each chapter and get the full interactive experience.

    Download the App now. It will transform the way you absorb books and will prompt you to be more a positive, happy and fulfilled person.

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