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    Are you starting an online business? Need help with online advertising?

    With this app, you get lots of strategies and tips from expert marketers on how to do internet advertising to help you boost your sales profits.

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    Your online guide on how to track ads, monitor conversion tracking, use ad metrics to adjust marketing strategies and make better ads on the internet to boost your sales profits to the max!

    The practice of keeping track on the impressions of end-users and compiling data on web trends and user habits is known as Ad tracking or advertising metrics. The idea is similar to Nielsen ratings and Nielsen boxes which are used for doing ad tracking for television.

    The importance of ad tracking is critical. It is important for advertisers and marketing people to know what works and what doesn’t. This helps them to come up with effective advertising strategies so that they don’t end up spending money on fruitless campaigns.

    On the Internet, ad tracking is done by using different software as tools so that the user can keep a tab on the people visiting his/her site. This allows the webmaster to determine which campaigns have been successful and which have failed.

    In this app, the new online entrepreneur will understand the following:

    • The need for testing and tracking

    • The critical advantages of a tracking system for your business

    • Online ad response evaluation using CGI scripts and online tracking services

    • Several ad tracking software

    • How to use ad tracking to increase your profits

    Ad-tracking is constant in-market research that evaluates a particular brand’s performance in the online market. If you have a web-business it is essential to resort to online ad-tracking to monitor your brand’s performance.

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