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    Organic Gardening

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    Organic gardening is simply gardening without chemicals.

    In this app, you will learn homemade recipes for organic fertilizer and natural pesticides which you can use to grow untreated natural vegetables and fresh garden produce all year round in your own organic garden.


    Many people choose to garden so they can have control over what type of food they eat without fear of chemicals or preservatives. Often, commercially grown produce is cultivated in greenhouses with the use of pesticides and chemicals to enhance their growth.

    The side effects of chemical pesticides on the human body can truly take its toll. A comprehensive review of existing research revealed significant differences between organically and non-organically grown food. These differences relate to food safety, primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and the health outcomes of the people who eat organically.

    Organic gardening operates on the concept of recycling. You use animal waste, kitchen scraps, and vegetable waste to mulch and compost. You will use common household items like vinegar and soap to prevent pests and weeds.

    It’s not a new age science. It’s actually what people of ancient times have been doing. Organic gardening is quite simple and can be satisfying to the soul! This app will give you all the steps to begin your all-natural garden. We’ll give you ideas about mulching, weed control, and composting. Plus, we’ll give you some ideas on all-natural pest controls and ways to make sure your garden thrives – without chemicals!

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