Palm Reading Simplified

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    Palm Reading Simplified

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    *** Palm Reading Simplified ***

    Dear Reader,

    Have you ever had your palm read? Were you amazed at how accurate your reading was? Have you considered becoming a professional palm reader yourself but didn't know how?

    Well, you're in the right place at the right time. "Palm Reading Simplified" is your ticket to an exciting new life. Who knows, you may even launch a new career.

    Wallace Easton is a professional palm reader who has prepared this guide for beginners. He has shared his knowledge and expertise with this must have primer for those who are interested in pursuing palmistry as a hobby, avocation or even as a career.

    Unlike some of the other disciplines such as astrology and numerology, palmistry is relatively simple to learn. Your skill is honed as you actually perform readings for people.

    Wallace takes you by the hand beginning his instruction with the basics such as the main lines and how to "read" them. He expands this discussion to include other important lines.

    You also discover how to analyze the actual structure of the hands you read and those findings may influence the overall reading. There are diagrams to assist you in your studies.

    If you are interested in pursuing palm reading beyond just a hobby, you will enjoy the chapter on doing just that. Plus, find out about:

    • The Head Line
    • The Heart Line
    • The Life Line
    • Relationship Lines
    • The Health Lines

    Listen, we could sit here and cite the contents of "Palm Reading Simplified" but the best solution is for you to grab your very own copy.

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