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    Perfume making is a craft enjoyed by millions of creative people around the world. It is likewise an art because it involves the creation of beautiful things.

    Making your own perfume is in many ways a practical skill. You can choose how much you spend and save lots of money on pricey brand names. You can save several hours of time and effort looking through rows and rows of all kinds of perfume varieties in a store. What’s more, you can personalize everything. If you favor a particular scent, for instance, you can create that exclusively for you. If you’re allergic to several ingredients, you can be sure your own fragrance is perfectly safe for you to use. Best of all, you can sell your homemade perfumes at an affordable cost and gain big profits from it.

    But, the real fun and joy in making your own scents is that it calls for you to display your artistic genius. Perfume making is not simply mixing and blending stuff. It involves a certain keenness of your sense of smell and a special talent for picking out notes in fragrances so that when you mix and blend scents they smell irresistibly fragrant and not intensely cloying.

    Making your own perfumes at home is a simple process. But, it can also be very detailed especially when you’re making your own signature fragrance.

    This app is an excellent guide to the beginner perfume maker who also intends to make a business out of his/her craft. There are great tips for:

    • The first steps to making your own perfume
    • Supplies needed and where to obtain them
    • Selling your home made perfumes

    Plus more great secrets that you will find really helpful and useful for making homemade perfumes that are original, authentic and oh so irresistibly sweet-scented that anyone will find them so desirable to buy!

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