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    Do you have pet birds? Caring for birds as a pet takes a little bit of work and some common sense but it can be very rewarding.

    This app will give very useful information about pet birds and how to take care of different types of birds. You'll get all the basic info for buying the right bird, building a bird cage, how to feed birds and buying bird products that are needed to help you take care of birds as a pet.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Birds are one of the most affectionate pets to have. If you make sure to give them the proper care and attention then they will return to you your tender loving care with their own brand of loving companionship for years to come.

    All birds have their own personality so caring for them will have to be a unique approach. Generally, no matter what type of bird you choose to own, your pet will need housing, proper diet, grooming and health treatment to ensure that they live a happy and long life.

    The bird cage is the most common type of housing chosen for pet birds, unless you want to put your pet in a breeding aviary. Your pet’s bird cage will need to have large enough space so he can move around freely, even fly a bit from one end to the other end of the cage. A bird kept in a cage that’s too small for him may tend to develop behavioral and mood problems.

    Bird foods will have to be specific to the type of breed you own. What works for parakeets, for instance, may not be good for cockatiels. So be sure to buy bird-specific ready-made bird food formulas at your pet stores to take care of his special dietary needs or check with the vet before stocking up.

    Most birds have an intelligent mind. So bird toys are a must for mental stimulation and to keep him entertained. If birds are not kept amused and contented, they may succumb to loneliness and depression and fall sick.

    Some plants, household products, food items and certain home conditions may pose dangers to the safety and health of your bird pet. Be sure you know about these environmental hazards before bringing a pet bird home.

    There’s a lot to know about birds and keeping them as pets in your home. This app is a starter guide to the new pet bird owner. You will learn:

    •How to choose the right bird for you
    •Some basic bird info and fun trivia about birds
    •Important bird care guidelines
    •Introducing the new pet bird to the whole family
    •Recommended products for nutrition, health, safety and sanitation, products for playtime

    Birds are fun and quirky creatures. Having them around your home can just give you an overall good feeling that some days you will find that their bright colors, chirpy sounds and animated qualities can make you smile or laugh and put you in high spirits.

    Grab this pet birds app now and learn how you can take utmost care of your new pet bird!

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