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    Philosophy (Greek philosophia, literally - the love of wisdom), a form of social consciousness, teaching the general principles of being and knowledge about the relationship of man and the world, the science of universal laws of nature, society and thought. Philosophy aimed at developing a generalized view of the world and to place him as a man. There are a lot of literature on the science, but to look into this abundance of information? Philosophy course for high schools and colleges well-read by a special technique developed to improve the digestibility of the material and increase the comfort of learning. The course is based on the program for higher educational institutions of Russia. Course contents: 1. Philosophy and world view. The specificity of Philosophy 2. The subject, structure and function of philosophy 3. The philosophy of the ancient East. The problem of the perfect man 4. Early Greek Philosophy 5. The philosophy of Plato. 6. The philosophy of Aristotle. 7. Ancient schools of the Stoics, Epicureans, skeptics and 8. Periods, and representatives of the problems of philosophy of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 9. The ideas of rationalism in the teachings of Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz 10. British philosophy XVII - XVIII centuries. 11. French XVIII century materialism. 12. The basic ideas of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant 13. System and Method of Hegel's philosophy 14. The emergence and development of Marxist philosophy 15. The non-classical philosophy abroad XIX - XX centuries. 16. Life philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche 17. Existentialism. Freedom and responsibility. The meaning of human life 18. F. Schleiermacher, Hermeneutics, H. - G. Gadamer, Dilthey 19. Positivism and the stages of its development (B. Russell, L. Wittgenstein early) 20. The philosophy of postmodernism 21. The basic directions, schools and representatives of Russian philosophy of XIX - early XX centuries 22. Native philosophy of XX century. (Losev, Ilyenkov, M. Mamardashvili) 23. The problem of existence and its various interpretations in philosophy 24. Philosophical anthropology. Concepts and Challenges 25. Consciousness, its genesis and structure. 26. Knowledge, its types and structure. 27. Concept of truth. The problem of criteria of truth 28. Types and structure of knowledge. Ordinary, scientific and philosophical knowledge 29. The subject and type of social philosophy 30. Global Studies and its problems. The global problems of modern civilization this audiobook in Russian.

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