Piling Calculator Tablet

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    Piling Calculator contains 54 Calculators and Converters, that can quickly and easily calculate and convert different Piling and Civil Engineering parameters. Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. Available in Imperial and Metric Units. Most Comprehensive Piling Calculator.

    *** Available in Metric and Imperial Units ***

    Piling Calculator contains following 22 Calculators:

    • Allowable Load (Piles driven by a Drop Hammer)
    • Allowable Load (Piles driven by a Steam Hammer)

    • Soil Modulus
    • Pile Length
    • Ultimate Tip Load
    • Toe Resistance Stress
    • Toe Resistance Stress (Piles in Sands)
    • Upper Limit of Group Drag Load
    • Allowable Design Load on Rock Socket

    • Net Bearing Capacity (Strip Footings)
    • Net Bearing Capacity (Circular Footings)
    • Net Bearing Capacity (Square Footings)
    • Net Bearing Capacity (Undrained Loading of Cohesive Soils - Strip Footings)
    • Net Bearing Capacity (Undrained Loading of Cohesive Soils - Circular and Square Footings)

    • Maximum Soil Bearing Pressure (Conventional Case)
    • Minimum Soil Bearing Pressure (Conventional Case)
    • Soil Bearing Pressure (Other Cases)
    • Soil Bearing Pressure (Footings Subjected to Overturning)

    • Pile Capacity
    • Allowable Axial Load Capacity of Single Piles
    • Shaft Resistance Stress
    • Shaft Resistance Stress (Standards Penetration Tests)

    Piling Calculator contains following 32 Converters:

    • Acceleration
    • Angle
    • Area
    • Density
    • Energy/Work
    • Flow Rate (Mass)
    • Flow Rate (Volume)
    • Fluid
    • Force
    • Frequency
    • Hardness
    • Length
    • Mass
    • Metric Weight
    • Metrology
    • Moment of Force
    • Moment of Inertia
    • Prefixes
    • Pressure
    • Radiation
    • Specific Heat Capacity
    • Specific Volume
    • Temperature
    • Thermal Conductivity
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Time
    • Torque
    • Velocity
    • Viscosity (Dynamic)
    • Viscosity (Oil & Water)
    • Viscosity (Kinematic)
    • Volume

    Key Features:
    • Complete coverage of calculators and converters in Piling and Civil Engineering Parameters.
    • Automatic Calculation & Conversion of the Output with respect to changes in the Input/Options/Units.
    • Formulas are provided for each calculator.
    • Values of Higher Order can also be calculated.
    • Extremely Accurate Calculations and Conversions.
    • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry, Easy Viewing and Calculation Speed.

    Most Comprehensive Piling Calculator

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