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    This powerful Texas Hold-em Calculator can simulate thousands of games with any combination of known/unknown hole cards with 1-10 players. Win/Tie/Loss probability distributions are delivered for each players hand, as well as made hand probabilities for flop and river.

    Each unknown card in the game is dealt randomly for each simulated game and the results are tallied. Probability distributions are calculated from the results.

    Easily find preflop probability distributions for any known hand(s) vs known hand(s) or known hand(s) vs unknown hand(s).

    Probability distributions are shown for making any given made hand on the flop and by the river. This can be used to calculate the probability of hitting your draw if going all in on the flop. You could also enter only one hand and get probabilities of floping any given made hand.

    Also you could enter all the board cards and find the strength of any given hand by pitting it against any number of unknown hands.

    This is THE Hold-em Calculator for the serious pro poker mathematician. It is the ONLY app that does it all.

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