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    Prayer (Salah) - Start to End

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    Prayer - the second pillar of islam, observing this grants jannah and leaving this drags us to hellfire. This is the dividing line between the practicing muslims and non muslims. Its obligation ,virtues and extreme importance is reported via a million sources. How can we then not learn the correct method to pray in accordance to the sunnah? This application has a step by step guide detailing the posture, sequence and rules backed up by authentic ahadeeth.

    This application will :

    1) Inform you the step by step method of doing wudu (ablution) along with mentioning what nullifies wudu backed by authentic references

    2) Illustrate the step by step method including the posture (Video and Image and dua'as in arabic + roman English and translation) of prayer. Right from Adhaan until concluding the prayer with tasleem (salaam on both the sides) backed by authentic references

    3) Explain the method and details for performing the prostration of forgetfulness (sajdah sahw) in the light of Sunnah

    4) Enlist the adhkaar (dua'as/dhikr and their virtues) the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his companions (may allah be pleased with them all) used to recite after every fardh salah - with Arabic + transliteration and translation - in the light of authentic sources

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