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    101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

    Our Procrastination Guide Includes:

    => How to prepare yourself for the battle against procrastination. (Page 5)

    => 12 ways people procrastinate everyday (sometimes without realizing it). (Pages 5-6)

    => How you can get the upper-hand on procrastination (by dealing with consequences). (Page 6)

    => The secret tool you can create in your mind (kind of like a mental calculator) that will help you open your eyes to the problem. (Pages 7-8)

    => 21 phone numbers to have nearby to save you time... and keep you from getting distracted. (Pages 8-9)

    => Why successful people are used to getting things done (which keeps them from procrastinating) and how you can be too. (Page 10)

    => When you need some inspiration, here’s a mantra you can recite to revitalize your energy and finish out your day strong. (Page 11)

    => An easy way people who beat procrastination keep from dwelling on their past failures. (Pages 11-12)

    => 11 time-wasters you and your family may be suffering from day-in and day-out. (Page 14)

    => How to handle chores without wasting time. (Pages 14-15)

    => The secret to using small steps to complete huge tasks. (Pages 15-16)

    => How procrastinating can lead to huge bills (that you’ve never even considered). (Page 16)

    => When you need to keep up with schoolwork, here’s how to use the professor to your advantage. (Page 17)

    => How to keep your significant other from being your biggest distraction (and excuse). (Page 19)

    => The secret to tackling a huge report, project, or term paper. (Page 21)

    => How to seek out friends at work who want you to get things done – and how to avoid the backstabbers. (Page 23)

    => An easy way to take care of email and voicemail messages that really aren’t so important. (Page 27)

    => Why the hardest job to do is the job you should do first. (Pages 27-28)

    => Why you should stay away from the water fountain at work. (Page 29)

    => How to make sure you’re not procrastinating by “working” with someone else. (Page 31)

    => The secret to getting other procrastinators to leave your office when you’re working (without being rude or saying a word). (Page 32)

    => 5 reasons to stop putting off breaking up with your partner. (Page 34)

    => How straight-forward people (who get things done) make sure their family isn’t keeping them from completing their work. (Page 36)

    => When to tell your friends NO! (Pages 36-37)

    => 13 health symptoms you should not procrastinate in getting checked out. (Pages 38-39)

    => 5 reasons to stop waiting to lose the weight. (Pages 39-40)

    => How to know when it’s time to see a psychologist. (Pages 42-43)

    => When procrastination can lead to serious health concerns. (Pages 43-44)

    => 16 things to do today you've probably been procrastinating on. (Pages 46-53)

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