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    Knowledge India proudly presents the Quotes of Quotes android app, which has more than 50000 quotes across various categories.

    You can browse the quotes by categories or by search. You can go back and forth to see the quotes, upload them into your Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messages, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

    Also, you can randomly browse the quotes, this option will throw quotes randomly from various categories. Quotes of the Day will give you every quotes for you to follow. :)

    There are 500 Categories, each having 100 quotes+. Below are some sample list of categories,

    Action, Advice, Age, Alcohol, America, Anger, Animals, Art, Astrology, Attitude, Babies, Back-to-school, Baseball, Basketball, Be-great, Be-self, Beauty, Belief, Best-friends, Bicycling, Birds, Birthday, Blessings, Blood-organ-donation, Body, Boldness, Books, Boredom, Bores, Boss-day, Breastfeeding, Breathing, Brevity, Brotherhood, Brothers, Business, Butterflies, Camping, Carpe-diem, Cats, Censorship, Ceremony, Change, Charm, Cheerleading, Childhood, Children, Christmas, Cinema, Cities, Civil-disobedience, Civilization, Clothing, Coffee, College, Columbus-day, Committees, Community, Complaining, Compliments, Computers, Confidence, Conformity, Consumerism, Country, Courage, Cows, Crayons, Crying, Curiosity, Curmudgeon, Dad-day, Dancing, Daughters, Daydream, Death, Debt, Decisions, Dental, Desserts, Dia-muertos, Dieting, Diplomacy, Dogs, Dreams, Drink-drive, Driving, Drugs, Earth-day, Easter, Education, Effort, Election-day, Emotions, Engagement, Environment, Equality, Exaggeration, Excuses, Exercise, Experience, Faces, Failure, Fairies, Faith, Family, Fate, Fathers, Fear, Feminism, Fire, Firefighters, Fireman-apprec, Fishing, Flag-day, Flirtation, Flowers, Flying, Food, Football, Forgiveness, Fourth-of-july, Freedom, Friend4a, Friendship, Future, Gambling, Games, Gardens, Generations, Genius, Get-well, Gifts, Goals, God, Golden-mean, Golf, Goodbye, Gossip, Government, Gp-day, Graduation, Grammar, Grandparents, Gratitude, Grief, Groundhog-day, Guests, H-rights, Habits, Hair, Halloween, Hang-in, Hanukkah, Happiness, Haste, Hate, Health, Heart, Heartache, Helping, History, Hmmm, Hockey, Home, Homecoming, Homosexuality, Honesty, Hope, Horses, Housewarming, Housework, How-true, Hug, Human, Humility, Humor, Humorous, Hypocrisy, Ideals, Ideas, Idleness, Ignorance, Imagination, Inner-child, Insects, Insults, Integrity, Intelligence, Internet, Intuition, Jealousy, Jewelry, Jobs, Justice, Karma, Kindness, Kisses, Knowledge, Kwanzaa, Labor, Labor-day, Language, Las-vegas, Laughter, Laziness, Leadership, Learning, Leisure, Letters, Libraries, Life, Light, Listening, Literature, Live-now, Logic, Love, Love-you, Luck, Manners, Marriage, Math, Media, Medical, Meditation, Memorial-day, Memory, Men, Mind, Miss-you, Mistakes, Mlk-day, Mom-day, Money, Morality, Morning, Mothers, Motorcycles, Music, Names, Nature, Needlework, New-year, Night, Nostalgia, Nurses, Off-to-college, Opportunities, Optimism, Parents, Parties, Party-invitation, Passion, Past, Patience, Patriot-day, Patriotic-usa, Patriotism, Peace, People, Perfection, Perseverance, Perspective, Philosophical, Philosophy, Photography, Places, Pleasure, Poetry, Poker, Politics, Poverty, Prayer, Pregnancy, Prejudice, Presidents-day, Procrastination, Programming, Prom, Promises, Property, Prosperity, Psychology, Puns, Purpose, Qigong-taichi, Quotations, Racism, Reality, Relationships, Religion, Responsibility, Retirement, Risk, Romantic, Rumi, Running etc

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